Monday, July 11, 2016

Paul Ryan to cite Lincoln's Party 'common principles' at TrumpFest

Paul Ryan had recently branded Donald Trump a racist, but the Janesville, WI congressman and Speaker of the House of Representatives  - - but Ryan is comfortable enough with the presumptive GOP presidential candidate that he'll lend the prestige of the House Speakership to Trump with a convention speech next week:
Ryan told Politico he wants "to talk about our ideas, our solutions and how our party should unite ... Our agenda, our solutions and how we ought to unite around our common principles and how we apply those principles to problems."
Also joining both former Presidents Bush, the party's two most recent presidential standard-bearers and others not present at the Cleveland convention - -  this man:
Abraham Lincoln


Anonymous said...

Is this before or after he barges into the kitchen with a full-crew of photographers, yanks clean pots and pans off the wall, and then pretends to wash them basking in the attention and camera flashes?

Ryan is such a stooopid bastard.

Jim Bouman said...

*That staged deerslayer photo has appeared often... and it's clearly something she staged for the world to see. The carefully mown-and-raked backyard tableau, with the hunter and the loser front-and-center. Behind her, a rustic-ish split-rail fence from Menards. And the hunter, of course, decked out in blaze orange and camo. She is showing off her rugged outdoorsy physique as well as the venison. We love to see that muscular grapple with the doe's ear as she crouches on those mammoth/muscular hams to show off the trophy.
*It's time for this lightweight, lackluster loser to pack it in.