Thursday, July 28, 2016

Republicans are done with all that Freedom stuff

It's hard to miss the fact right now that the former party of the Great Emancipator has devolved into serving up Freedom Fries in the US Capitol, running an intentionally misnamed "Freedom Caucus" in the House of Representatives that keeps that body inert while the GOP-controlled Senate has frozen the US Supreme Court into 4-4 gridlock now free to do little but spin its wheels.

And the anti-freedom party has hit political bottom by nominating for President a candidate who would rule the country rather that serve it with an un-American, dictatorial "I alone can fix" the-country promise.

Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP"
Except with the help of Russian one-man governing band Vladimir Putin and his military's secret cyberspies whom Trump has asked to cancel out American citizens' rights to privacy and communication.

A candidate who is parroting the discredited "law-and-order" programs and slogans of Richard Nixon - - uniquely forced by American law to resign for having broken several laws - - and is willing to order American soldiers to break the law by torturing prisoners and murdering their families.

A candidate who doesn't have the mental order to understand the nuances and formal difference in our most fundamental legal structures between The Articles of the US Constitution which frame our free society and the amendments to it which further ensure our freedom by constraining the government - - another concept foreign to Trump.

Who, unprepared for public service, let alone the Presidency, embrace dictatorial, one-man, law-and-disorder rule, would:

* Obliterate the First Amendment's sacred guarantee of freedom of religion by banning further Muslim immigration while surveilling Muslim citizens and communities here;

* Negate free speech and assembly at his rallies ("Knock the crap out of [protesters] them");

* Already toss out, literally, a free press, and;

* Pick a vice-presidential running mate who yesterday emulated The Boss by enlisting government agents to frisk and ban reporters assigned to practice at GOP events their First and Fourteenths amendments freedoms of speech, assembly, due process and equal protections for their employers, readers, listeners and viewers.

The more you listen to Trump, or follow the freedom-cancelling agenda of similar power-hogging Republicans like Gov. Scott Walker who routinely travels Wisconsin at public expense and has held dozens of by-invitation events and appearances closed to the general public and reporters, the more you understand that freedom these days for Republicans is freedom to control people and public resources by either one-man rule or one-party, gerrymandered, 'chamber of commerce' management - - or both.

And, of course, the GOP's two main freedom goals:

* The freedom from Barack Obama. 

* The freedom to maintain the all-male Presidency,

You know, to take the country back.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

One other freedom- the freedom to pay unlimited funds to politicians without revealing who those donors are.