Friday, July 22, 2016

Why Trump and his speech are dangerous

Politicians know negative advertising is effective - - Remer the Willie Horton spot? - - and Trump's acceptance speech was an infomercial-length negative ad capping off a year of demagogic fear-mongering before a jittery electorate where some have legitimate grievances.

And where, perhaps, a single, skilled actor with all the answers and a surplus of self-confidence could find acceptance, even worship.

I hated his Nixonian speech, but I do not discount the appeal.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Rowen, Someone with your background has to answer a few questions that have been really bugging me. Why does no one mention the Beirut bombing in 1983? The GOP worships the man, yet he admittedly had intelligence reports which told him that the Beirut base would be attacked, yet nothing was done to protect them. Yet they blame Clinton for every act of violence, but specifically Benghazi. I was so angry when they marched the mom on stage at the convention. You did not see this happen with the families from the terrorist attack in 1983, that I know of.

The entire Trump theatrics seems like something out of an old Nazi Germany film. The chanting of "lock her up" is disturbing. If it is for Benghazi, then they should have locked up Reagan. If it was for the emails, then shouldn't Powell and Rice also be locked up because I have read that they did the same. Why didn't they chant "lock him up" when Walker was on stage. I will tell you why, because it was a large group of hypocrites.