Thursday, July 28, 2016

Will Trump come to WI? And does Walker help?

I'm sure that the GOP will send Donald Trump into Wisconsin more than once until the November election because Wisconsin will be a battleground state and local boy Reince Priebus can't be accused of withholding the standard bearer from the Party's Chairman's home state.
Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP"
But I don't think bringing The Donald to Wisconsin is necessarily a plus for Trump and his down-ballot hostages, because everywhere he goes he'll harden Democrats' resolve to send him packing and take the rest of the ticket (Ron Johnson, for example) with him.

Ditto to putting Scott Walker on a public stage with Trump. 

Walker is mired below 40% in the polls - - not much of a coattail - - and it doesn't help the GOP that Walker flip-flopped on backing/not backing Trump.

Nor does it speak well for Walker that he ultimately abandoned GOP voters who turned out in the primary in larger numbers for Ted Cruz than for Trump.

Another issue boding badly for Trumping in Wisconsin: explaining how he's an authentic Republican and party presidential nominee in the state where the Republican Party/Party of Lincoln was born.

Like Madison, or Milwaukee or a dozen other Wisconsin cities, I don't think Ripon will be on Trump's itinerary.

On the other hand, I am predicting a heavy schedule in Wisconsin for Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders.

I figure we'll see more in Wisconsin of Mike Pence, the Indiana Governor and Trump running mate.

Though the Walker/Pence team in Waukesha got the GOP show off to a rocky start.

I expect to see Trump family members and lesser surrogates.

Coming to a suburb near you: Chris Christie and Dr. Ben Carson.

Just some early thoughts.

We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Trump is running his campaign on attracting the blue collar voter, the forgotten ones as he puts it.

One sure fire way to lose Wisconsin is to appear on the same stage with Scott Walker, the anti-middle class, anti-blue collar worker, job killing liar.

Walker will not draw one vote for Donald Trump and Trump should ban him like a New York Post reporter from any event held in Wisconsin.

He needs to distance himself from this Governor like he has leprosy because as you pointed out, James, he is a sinking ship.

my5cents said...

Analysts are already saying that Trump will not win Wisconsin.

The only people who have forgotten the blue collar workers in this country are the Republicans. Their policies do not favor blue collar workers and do not help them climb the ladder of success. Actually they don't help them climb anything.