Friday, July 8, 2016

Walker flips to endorse the bigot he'd 'disavowed'

Tough recent talk from Gov. 'Unintimidated' explaining why he wouldn't endorse Donald Trump:

"I want to make sure he[Trump]  renounces what he says with regards to this judge -- that flies directly in the face, and on the religious test alone, that's directly in conflict with the Sixth Amendment," Walker said in Madison, Wisconsin..."I completely disavow what Trump said..."
    Well, not completely disavow, it turns out, since a speaking slot which plenty of principled Republicans rejected opened up at the Trump coronation for Gov. Situational - - who just shelved and flipped away from his no-endorsement rhetoric:
    Last August, I said I'd support the GOP nominee. It's now clear who the RNC delegates will vote to nominate. And he is better than

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    Anonymous said...

    Sixth amendment? Maybe sixth commandment- "thou shalt not kill my chances of being president."