Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Advice for RNC viewers: Don't Watch Alone

Apologies to NBC for stealing it's "Dateline" tagline, but wow - - was that ever a scary US of A the GOP fretted and gloomed and panicked about last night.

The whole show - - from David Clarke to Rudy Giuliani was a flat out FearFest. a subliminal pitch to duck, cover and get yourself a gun. Maybe 20.

I wish they'd convinced Tim Tebow to show up. He's usually pretty upbeat.

There won't be any comic relief on stage until Wednesday night when Wisconsin Governor, Ronald Reagan impersonator and perpetual presidential dreamer Scott Walker takes the stage to spin Wisconsin's fastest decline in its middle-class, the nation's fourth-worst roads, state-enabled polluted drinking water near big feedlots and a broken signature job-creating pledge and scandal-plagued state job-creating agency into virtues. 

And as a fund-raiser and resume-builder for Campaign Train Wreck 2020.

Fiery oil train wreck, Galena, IL

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