Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Begging for attention, WI Gov. Walker to speak at Trump coronation

[Updated] Neither Donald Trump's anti-semitism, racism, fear-mongering, misogyny, endorsement of waterboarding torture/murder of suspected terrorists' families, mocking of the disabled, support for nuclear weapon proliferation and other signs of instability, inexperience and flat-out menace will keep Wisconsin Governor and 24/7 serial self-promoting and Presidency obsessed Scott Walker from voting with his voice - - not his 'conscience' - - and agreeing to speak at the upcoming GOP national convention.

You could see this coming a mile away, as this was one time that Walker was transparent.

And so many other GOP figures and traditional sponsors with more principles and marbles are boycotting Trump and the convention where you have to stand and cheer.

Who'd have thought you'd ever see George W. Bush on the moral high ground.


Anonymous said...

He's going to run for president again and, if certain republican insiders get their way, it will be sooner than you think. Clinton was ordained to be the dem nominee. The repugs don't want Trump and all the baggage he brings with his race baiting.

The problem is that Trump hasn't learned to use the dog whistle when he wants to make hateful racist remarks.

xoff said...

He's still hoping it's a an acceptance speech

Jake formerly of the LP said...

This clown was running around saying Hillary was "unfit for office" due to her email server issues. Uhhh...

Does this fool WANT the national media to pay attention to the money-laundering and cover-ups in John Doe? And some oligarch thinks Scotty is better than the Donald? Walker might be the one candidate that would do worse!

The Bubble of Cluelessness in today's GOP is the real thing that's "unfit for office".

Sue said...

"Does this fool WANT the national media to pay attention to the money-laundering and cover-ups in John Doe?"
I don't think he's figured out yet that the national media hasn't been properly trained. During his money-hemorrhaging run for president he always seemed confused when he got a - you know - journalistic question from someone he either couldn't control or couldn't ignore. Plus, having a pet Supreme Court has kind of warped his perception of reality. That's why I would like to see him as a vice-presidential candidate. It gets him out of the state and would be so entertaining.
Few media outlets in WI will bother to point out that he dropped out of the race not because of laughable poll numbers but because he was 'setting an example' to the other candidates to rein in Trump. Now that there is no one else to get behind (and benefit from), it's time again to look for the main chance.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Ain't that the truth. The guy keeps sticking his foot in his mouth whenever he's unscripted. But the grifters gonna keep trying to grift, I guess.

Scotty really wants to get out of Sconny, doesn't he?

nonheroicvet said...

Speeding opportunity - He will probably be taking half of the State Patrol along as his palace guard.