Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Convention wrap-up Wed. - - Cruz, not Walker, makes news

[Updated] Walker spoke for ten minutes, with a tad more animation than he's projected of late, but it was cliché piled on cliche. With a laugh-out-loud line endorsing local control. From the state's Emperor and enemy of local control.


Truth is - - Walker is not an A-lister, and I see no reason for him to ever get his favorables above the 38% plateau in Wisconsin where he's been stuck for a year.

Update: The Fix column in The Washington Post agrees, listing Walker among the night's "losers."

Walker's attempts at a call and response — "America deserves better" — fell flat. His speech, which he memorized, felt rote and unemotional. A big part of politics is performance; Walker proved again he is not a performer at the highest levels.
And Walker loses big if Trump goes down in November, having guessed wrong, while Rubio and Cruz - - like Walker, former Trump rivals  - - guessed right and kept their national ambitions on track by withholding their endorsements.

The convention's big political story Wednesday was not Mike ("Who?") Pence. 

And not Scott ("Yesterday's Papers") Walker's return.

it was Ted Cruz's refusal to endorse Donald Trump as Trump lumbered into the hall making yet another appearance in the limelight he cannot share with anyone else.

Cruz finished up telling the national TV audience to "vote your conscience," code for abandoning Trump, leading to boos and chaos on the floor as Cruz exited the stage.

No one will be talking about Walker's air time at the RNC tomorrow, other than Wisconsin media dutifully chronicling the local angle. 

The bigger story is that Ted Cruz showed that the GOP is deeply divided, boding ill for November.

One more thing: Walker went out of his way to say he'd talked to Trump an hour earlier and they agreed about the election's importance with regard to upcoming Supreme Court nominations.

It occurred to me that Trump has better things to be doing tonight than taking calls from Scott Walker, whom Trump had crushed in the early presidential campaigning.

Then I remembered how Walker set up a call to then Democratic State Sen. Tim Cullen during the Act 10 protests - - Cullen says it was a call ignited by Walker out of the blue, and about nothing political- - and then Walker went public with how he and Cullen were talking - - to suggest Cullen was being disloyal to the Democratic senators who had left the state, as group.

Here's a description of that call - - and I think American unwittingly heard that signature Walker manipulation of people via phone, again.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Good theory on Walker puffing himself up by making it sound like Drumpf cares what he thinks. Just like how Weasel Walker is kissing up to Iowa and SC delegates for 2020, and saying things that are laughably false to us back in Wisconsin. "Walker is for Walker", and never forget it.

Especially that "local control" line of crap. Tell it to the people trying to regulate the mega-farms in Bayfield and Adams County.

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes.

Scott Walker kissed the ring and abandoned Ted Cruz all in one night.

jg said...

The phone call ploy reminds me of how Walker tried to parlay his "trade mission" courtesy meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron into creating the impression that world leaders were confiding in future President Walker. The Prime Minister's office exposed Walker's amateurish ploy and quickly and dismissively put him in his place.

Unfortunately, many in Wisconsin eat this stuff up and are still in awe of our con man governor.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me our Governor should hire some top make-up artists to distract from and and cover up the fact his face is so oddly misaligned. This guy has some very odd neanderthal genes and this goes through-and-through. His brain is no more functional than his deformed face.

Walker says his bald spot is because he banged his head on a cabinet (obviously a lie, its male pattern baldness). Does he ever tell anyone what he banged his head on to create such a misaligned face?