Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Walker, Ryan have endorsed the Trump-Putin ticket

[Update] So Donald Trump has found today's equivalent of Richard Nixon's plumbers, except that Trump's team of invited thugs makes Nixon's collection of minor spies and ideological chumps look beyond amateurish and give unimaginable elevation and definition to 'outside agitators.'
Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP"
The blustery and erratic head case but Head Republican 2016 Donald Trump - - whom Paul Ryan and Scott Walker and other Republican 'leaders' have endorsed for President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of our nuclear-tipped military - - has publicly called on the ex-KGB officer-for-life and Russian 'strongman' Vladimir Putin -- whose military is conducting cyber warfare against our government and others, and whose army invaded and occupied and annexed (stole) part of Ukraine, and whose air force is harassing US aviators, and whose operatives are suspected of assassinating Putin foes in and out of Russia - - to commit espionage and cyber crime during the presidential election to help Trump by hacking Hillary Clinton's email.

Setting aside Trump's towering political stupidity and pure freebie handed to Democrats while media are concentrated at their convention where President Barack Obama is poised to speak on national television tonight, it must be occurring for the umpteenth time to Walker and Ryan and the other fools who have thrown in with Trump that the man is not well.

Wednesday p.m update: MSNBC's Chuck Todd chastises GOP officials' silence in the face of what he calls "an attack on US sovereignty."

Making the #NeverTrumpers look prescient, while the others stuck with him by choice look as ridiculous as their publicity-absorbed candidate who gathered the media today to give Vladimir Putin his illegal campaign assignment.

Lock who up?

I know one who needs it for his own good and our protection.


Anonymous said...

Trump will repeatedly display his arrogance and his stupidity over the next 3 months that even Ryan will not cast a ballot for him. Walker of course will continue to suck up to the idiot as every idiot knows: YOU JUST CAN'Y FIX STUPIDITY!"

Anonymous said...

Can the Constitution be quickly amended to allow for the impeachment of a candidate before he's even elected?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the FBI say all of Secretary Clinton's private emails were deleted by her lawyers and irretrievable?

Perhaps Trump played the media to well.

Or; Did Russia hack her server before the emails were deleted?

The thought of potential political blackmail by Putin over the Clintons scares me quite frankly.