Monday, October 24, 2011

The DNR's Tricks And Treats

Scott Walker said he put Cathy Stepp in charge of the DNR to bring "a chamber of commerce mentality" to the agency," and his Special Senate Bill 24 to put polluters over people advances that plan - - but don't feel sorry for overworked DNR managers there who have to oversee this rollback of 224 years of environmental protection because email traffic at the agency shows they can manage big big fun, too.

I'd discussed this last week, thanks to a plugged-in commenter, but here's the email, and I'm sorry I can't reproduce the cute poster:

Sent:   Wednesday, October 19, 2011 11:30 AM
Subject:        Please join us
This message is sent to all DNR Central Office staff, Darwin Road staff, and Regional Directors:
Come and join us for our 1st annual Halloween Progressive Potluck  
How does it work?
Staff on each floor will be designated a food type to bring.  For example, employees on 8th floor are asked to bring meat or a hot dish which will be set up in a conference room on 8th floor.  The same will happen with each floor.  (See attached poster for food assignments).  Everyone will need to go floor to floor to get a balanced meal (unless you are in the mood for only dessert and you can just stay on 7th floor…)   Don't have time to get something together for the potluck??  Bring a canned good to donate to the food pantry instead. 
And Costume Challenge!
Central Office has challenged the Regions to a costumer competition.  We are asking each bureau and office to take a picture of their staff in costume and forward it to Laurel Steffes.  Pictures will be included in the next e-digest.  Who wins?  You decide.  And the prize?  The pride in believing that your region/office was the best!!
Our Goals?
To have fun
To mingle with staff on different floors
To enjoy some great food


Peter McKeever said...

Third-graders do this, not professionals. I hope employees don't get penalized for not participating. It is management that is truly scary.

Dave said...

Perhaps they will serve Lake Michigan salmon ala PCBs or Mercury Walleye Bake on the 13th floor......