Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Easy explanation for WI road funding, repair crises

His trail continues to run one-way - - out-of-state. 

And when he drops in here, a State Trooper driver smoothes out the bumps, which works out well, since Walker is asleep at the wheel:
Wisconsin faces nearly $1 billion shortfall on roads

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Anonymous said...

He has no solution other than some other programs will need to take cuts to give the money to transportation. So far he's cut public education and the U W system. He cut the environment through no funding for parks and sending all the scientists at DNR packing. Safety net services for those struggling economically are practically nonexistent. He's allowed the Ag/Manufacturers Tax Credit to reduce revenue by ungodly amounts so we have a revenue deficit. There is nothing left to cut as he has cut Wisconsin to the bone and revenues aren't sufficient to operate our government. This man claiming to be a leader is a fiscal nightmare destroying this state's economy, education and environment and driving our once top tier infrastructure into a pile of rubble. There is only one solution to save this state; deny every Republican running for office your vote. We can't get rid of Walker until 2018 but we can rid ourselves of his sheep who have supported all of his actions and in the process have made this state 2nd rate at best!