Wednesday, July 13, 2016

By 20 points, Wisconsinites still disapprove of Gov. Scott Walker

Seems no one is persuaded by those phony Scott Walker 'listening sessions'.

A new poll released Wednesday finds the far-right Wisconsin GOP governor's disapproval rating in consistently negative territory - - and while the numbers further diminish his failed Presidential run last year along with his heft within the Republican Party going forward - - the poll finding is pure salt in the wounds of a general public he has just as consistently disrespected while advancing his unpopular personal agenda:
Media and delegates on their way to Cleveland should stop in Wisconsin to get a closer look at The Walker Story - - and these Walker-inspired high lowlights  - - broken roads, and broken promises, and broken schools, and poisoned water, and corrupted government, and dishonest governance, and insider money, and jobs' fail, and jobs' bail, and environmental disregard, and raw power, and polluter power, and more polluter power, and more polluter power... 


Anonymous said...

But scotty is a fav of the koch bros, so what the little people in Wisconsin think does not matter at all. He will continue to be puffed-up in-state by the right-wing media echo chamber that blankets the Badger State.

On the national stage, he is just another right-wing tool, useful for some purposes, but the cheap suds suckin' harley-ridin' crap doesn't get to far.

What moron runs on, "I'm a guy with a wife, 2 kids and a Harley"

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Well, the 20 point difference between Walker's approval and disapproval is interesting, what is even more-so is the massive difference between the alignment between his left and right eye. This boy is a freak and cannot speak in complete sentences for a reason.

He can never be a success on the national stage, because even the national right-wing tools will not fraudulently promote him like Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the rest of the media echo-chamber, and Milwaukee's screech hate-radio.