Sunday, July 24, 2016

Walker '20? Presumptuous, yes. Preposterous, too

The Wisconsin State Journal explains editorially why talk of a Walker 2020 presidential run is "presumptuous."

The paper is correct. 

And Walker's obsession with the US Presidency - - which will always be out of his reach - - is known, lamentably, to the rest of us.

To "presumptuous", add "preposterous" - - rounding out something of a spot-on matched pair amplified by a Festivisian echo - - further branding The Walker Presidential Obsession accurately. 

Labels known as correct by the rest of us, but which the self-absorbed Walker cannot see, because he is living a personally presumptuous, preposterous presidential politics.

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Anonymous said...

Between now and 2020 he could work on his college degree.