Monday, July 11, 2016

Monarch Butterfly habitat restoration set for Sunday

Happy to pass along this reminder - - as I've done before - - that there are people of good will doing good work to address big problems for future generations.:
Greetings Monarch Butterfly Supporters, 
The date is re-set for our event!  Sunday July 17th, noon pm to 3 pm!
We need MANY volunteers to help plant 1,200 milkweeds and nectaring plants at the County Grounds Monarch Trail. The site is ready to go, the holes will be drilled, come out and plant 5 or plant 50!  EACH plant will help restore this beautiful home of butterflies and so many other creatures!
What: Monarch Butterfly Habitat Restoration Planting Event for All Ages!
When: Sunday July 17th 2016
Time: Noon – 3:00 pm
Where: Meet at the Trail Head, 9810 Eschweiler Dr., Wauwatosa (map on attached poster) or visit
Bring: Gloves, a sun hat, your favorite trowel, and a few friends and family!  The more the merrier!
Why: Monarch butterflies need our help.  This local treasure is a work in progress.  With your help, we are making great strides in bringing back the monarch population and migration to this site.  Since development began, many areas were disturbed for construction but are now open for planting.  We are working on our 4th large area—it’s all adding up! .  Every plant you put into the ground will make a difference!  This is a way to help the monarch population and their imperiled migration.  Spend time out in nature and take part in restoring our treasured link in the lifeline for the monarch butterfly.
Please give one, two or three hours on Sunday, July 17th! to help plant another section with 1,200 new milkweeds and nectar plants.
See you Sunday!
Barb Agnew
Friends of the Monarch Trail
12326 W Watertown Plank Rd
Wauwatosa WI

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