Friday, July 1, 2016

Waukesha firm touted by Walker to lay off 100 employees

Wisconsin GOP Governor and failed job creator Scott Walker twice stopped at HUSCO International in Waukesha to tout its growth, even closing out his 2014 re-election campaign there.

Yesterday. the firm announced it was eliminating 100 jobs, Fox 6 reported.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Not just that, but HUSCO also got $800K in tax write-offs from WEDC for their expansion, their CEO and his Dad are huge GOP donors, and Mike Grebe's kid worked there before Walker put him on the UW Board of Regents.

Classy, eh?

Anonymous said...

CEO Austin Ramirez....who also is a big player in the voucher/charter school scam world. ( too bad he didn't use some of that money to keep his own folks employed.

Anonymous said...

Oh the irony.

Walker was just in Waukesha standing in front of the state building on Barstow Street with the faces of the Waukesha Lake Michigan application approval, Utility manager Dan Duchniak, and Mayor Reilly.

They could have given the congrats speeches 6 blocks down St. Paul Ave. where GE Waukesha Engine division has moved manufacturing to Canada on Walkers watch.

Now Husco.

Walker's response for job creation? Force those laid off Waukesha workers to pay triple their water bill to create a public works project to build the pipelines. Despite Waukesha's deep aquifer having rebounded to it's highest level since the 1980's, Walker say's science worked over politics. Liar.

Betsey said...

Husco was/is one of the main businesses planning to 'expand' and justification for the City of Waukesha to ask for way more water than it uses now. . . . now that Waukesha's bid for LM water has been approved, all of the businesses whose expansions plans were used to justify its inflated ask can flee (THEY"RE NOT GOING TO PAY THOSE RIDICULOUS WATER RATES!!!!) to Mexico, Tennessee or the Bahamas, and Waukesha will find another customer--probably outside its borders. I guess their definition of "business expansion" is different from ours.