Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Power play: Turning #NeverTrump to #ForeverWalker

It has been clear that our out-of-the-spotlight Wisconsin Governor and presidential obsessive Scott Walker has been maneuvering for attention from GOP convention delegates while being pn all sides of #NeverTrump - - and now we learn that a national PAC wants Walker to replace Trump as the party nominee.

Nothing at that level of politics is a coincidence: rest assured that Walker, the ultimate self-promoter and master of coordination, has been burning up his cell phone minutes to turn #NeverTrump into #ForeverWalker nationally.

A suggestion:

Media and delegates on their way to Cleveland should stop in Wisconsin to get a closer look at The Walker Story - - and these Walker-inspired high lowlights  - - broken roads, and broken promises, and broken schools, and poisoned water, and corrupted government, and dishonest governance, and 
insider money, and jobs' fail, and jobs' bail, and environmental disregard, and raw power, and polluter power, and more polluter power, and more polluter power, and more.


Anonymous said...

Walker is a hanger-on, like Gov. Sarah Quitter, Newt, the Donald, and rotting fish. All grifters. All unwanted lingerers. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Does Governor Wanker still have his Harley Davidson? Does it have the accessory black chrome fart pipes to make as much noise as possible?


Anonymous said...

The things you mentioned and the fact that he never finished college. Somehow the matter has to be brought up again and again.