Sunday, March 1, 2015

Walker taking right-wing attack on WI Progressive tradition national

[Updated] It's not a matter of rocket surgery, as one of Walker's apologists has framed it, to grasp where Walker and his far-right money machine is dragging us.

His new budget dilutes or terminates the public interest and the public sector in Wisconsin so Republican corporate donors and Tea Party advocates who have funded his campaigns can appropriate public resources, embed their partisan advantage and power and overturn decades of Wisconsin tradition.

Walker's budget will wipe away the core public service mission that has defined the UW, and similarly erases protections for the public's air, land and water maintained through science and public input at the DNR. (One summary post, here)

The budget continues Walker's ideological devaluation of scape-goated teachers and the concept of public education by diverting more public education millions to private, parochial schools.

The budget also unflinchingly withholds reasonable medical care and food assistance from thousands of our state's less-fortunate citizens (who are to be drug-tested, probably illegally, through this budget) already locked into another Walker choice - - the lowest legal minimum wage possible.

Add in an ethically-compromised conservative-bought-and-greased Wisconsin Supreme Court majority and you have the demolition in Wisconsin of what it is that separated Wisconsin from its midwestern neighbors - - The Progressive Era - - so that ideological agendas and Walker's personal presidential ambition could be served with public money and process.

That';s  how and why the GOP managed a secretive redistricting process. Or wrote a mining bill in private. or ambushed citizens twice with budgetary or legislative surprises through Act 10 or the new 'right-to-work' bill being rushed past democratic procedures and tradition for Walker's signature this week.

Never have so many people in this state been abused by so few with such shallow, extremist motives.

And with such widespread, long-term, negative consequences.

I'd been tracking in one posting those disrespected and manipulated by Walker, but the item is getting too long to manage. For the record, it is the fifth most-downloaded post on this blog out of more than 15,000 put up since 2/2/07.

If Walker were President, and Paul Ryan is steering the budget through a GOP-run Congress, and the conservative 5-4 majority on the US Supreme Court remains or grows with Walker appointments, you can also kiss good-bye the New Deal, public lands, voting rights, immigration reform (he's discovered yet another powerless group to hit with big government power), equal pay and medical-care access for women, and other long-held, hard-won American democratic values which Walker is on record opposing.

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