Sunday, March 1, 2015

Walker hands insurers gravy from local taxpayers

I heard about one small SE WI city where taxpayers will pay out close to triple for private insurance what they were paying to the non-profit, state-managed pool. The costs of privatization. 

After three budgets, Walker's people now know how to manipulate their agencies to benefit Walker's backers, regardless of the hit to taxpayers, as the State Journal discovers:
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Anonymous said...

Well once Gov. Scott Walker takes care of those isis terrorist union thugs and other protesting citizens, there will be no need for cities & communities to have that insurance in the first place.

Sue said...

Scooter did this to the state individual life insurance fund in the last budget. This was the fund set up in the early 1900's to allow Wisconsinites to take out small life insurance policies and was in response to private insurance shenanigans. Gone now.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the rest of Wisconsin's right-wing media is not telling the biggest story over the weekend.

Instead, mjs wants you to believe that since one protestor (who punked mjs' top reporter with a fake name that the reporter couldn't even spell!) holding a sign calling Scott Walker a terrorist means both sides do it, so no big deal!

They are still featuring this lie instead of what people really need to know:


From Politico:

Frayda Levin, a member of the Club for Growth’s board of directors who was moderating a question-and-answer session, told Walker that he left donors unimpressed at a meeting in New York earlier this month. That private session came one day after another controversial Walker event where Rudy Giuliani declared that President Barack Obama does not love America.

“To be honest, the feedback was you were not prepared to speak about foreign policy,” Levin, who supports Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) for president, told Walker. “So can you tell us what you’re doing to prepare for foreign policy should you run for president?”

Walker seemed a little caught off guard.

And then THIS exchange (same Politico report):

On domestic policy, Walker gave vague answers about whether the Dodd-Frank financial reform law should be amended or repealed, along with what changes he’d make to the tax code.

“If you make something as fair as possible, people will be able to complete,” he said when asked about Dodd-Frank. “Let freedom drive the path.”

The non-answer bothered the moderator, so she gave him another chance.

“You have some of your constituents here who have just been audited” because of the law, she said. “You have several community banks, and this is taking a huge toll. Are you just not that aware of what’s happening with Dodd-Frank?”

“Oh, no,” Walker said. “I understand the concern. My point is I’m going to lay out a whole plan not just on this but a whole series of things should I choose to be a candidate for president.”

“It’s not just about Dodd-Frank; it’s about the entire regulatory framework,” he added. “You don’t just nitpick one piece at a time. You have to take on the whole package.”

Asked about what changes he’d make to the tax code, Walker promised “exceptionally detailed plans” down the road.

Details HERE:

Anonymous said...

The Wisconsin Budget Project usually puts out readable and understandable analysis of the budget and legislation. I sincerely hope they will break down Walker's budget and spell out all of the services that will be eliminated as a result of Walker' slash and burn mentality.

Anonymous said...

But will the general masses see the Wisconsin Budget Project's analysis?

Unfortunately for the citizens of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the state's largest newspaper, and until MJS starts printing hard hitting headlines on page one, day after day, Scott Walker and company will continue to destroy our state.