Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Belling again claims to know all about the Jews

A few years ago, 1130 WISN-AM right-wing talk show host Mark Belling said he was choosing his words carefully when he claimed a cabal of Jewish business leaders was trying to kill a downtown Milwaukee hotel development.

The late Tim Cuprisin posted a solid round-up of blog and online newspaper reporting about it at the time, including a blast back at Belling by Mayor Barrett.

On his show today, Belling has spent most his first hour bashing President Barack Obama, praising Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu and slamming "American Jews" and the Democratic Party whom Belling claims are disconnected from Holocaust-era events or have abandoned Israel.

Once again, Jewish people are merely a group which Belling can stereotype, so he has absolutely zero credibility when it comes grasping what Jewish people may or may not think.

Belling also took a shot at Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore by saying he could not translate Moore's objections to Netanyahu's speech to Congress into intelligible English.

So goes the ongoing toxification of Milwaukee's airwaves by right-wing radio programming.

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Anonymous said...

So Belling now finds value in heeding the lessons of the Holocaust. Several years ago,when an eighth grade girl from the Elmbrook school district told him on the air that her sociology class was studying the Holocaust, he replied, "It figures that it would be something politically correct like that."