Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A pandering Walker backs abortion ban voided in six states

The no-abortion-after-20 weeks bill Walker says - - surprise! - - he'll sign now that his far-right-national presidential candidacy is in full right-tilt has been struck down as unconstitutional in five states' federal courts, and was just vetoed in very conservative West Virginia.

Then he will waste taxpayer money litigating it, as he did with the GOP's gerrymandering plan, voter ID, sam-sex marriage and, inevitably as will happen with the unconstitutional drug tests he wants all adults on any form of public assistance to endure.

No end to the people he has disrespected and manipulated for his own partisan and personal advancement, or to the flips on issues and positions that fit his accelerating and rightward tilting national campaign.

And proving that he was telling the truth when he said he was "the original Tea Party in Wisconsin."

Also verified, as I wrote in November: everything Walker does here in Wisconsin is now first measured against his presidential campaign agenda, not by what's best for the state or transparent, honest politics.


Anonymous said...

This is what Wisconsin government has sunk to..........political promotion of Scott Walker. All so his Tea party handlers across the country can point to the ALEC agenda that Walker has burdened Wisconsin with. No longer are legislative proposals and the budget about what is good for Wisconsinites....it is about what is good for Scott Walker's political ambitions. Walker and his legislative lap dogs have kicked the average Wisconsin worker to the curb and in essence has told us to "sit down and shit up!"

zombie rotten mcdonald said...


we are just his stepping stone...

my5cents said...

So, this term the Tea Party agenda is in full bloom and moving forward at breakneck speed. Do all those people who voted for him really want their Worker's Compensation cut too? Do they really want all these cuts he is proposing in the current budget? Is he cutting absolutely every benefit to citizens of this state except for the rich? And, are all these proposed cuts meant to help him balance the budget and cover up all those tax breaks and monetary gifts to the rich and corporations? Did they vote him back in to do what he is doing to the state of Wisconsin? Do they want the DNR destroyed and the public parks given away to corporations? I could probably go on asking questions forever, but won't.

Mortified West Allis Resident said...

I used to think that Scott Walker should be the GOP nominee. Any democratic nominee would expose his incompetence during the debates and send him back to Wauwatosa/Madison with his tail between his legs. It would be a joy to watch. Bring on the popcorn! I’ve since recognized that Scott Walker and his backers are genuinely dangerous on so many levels that even putting him near the 2016 GOP ticket would be too perilously close to disaster for the country.