Saturday, February 2, 2013

Memorable Mining Quotes Sum It All Up

Wisconsin Public Television posted a transcript of remarks collected for a documentary aired on June 17, 2011 before the first mining bill went down to defeat.

It's a fairly short transcript and a few of the remarks are keepers:

Then-Bucyrus CEO Tim Sullivan - - later Scott Walker's point man/adviser on mining legislation - - and now working for an iron mining company but not the one looking to blow an open pit iron ore mine at least four miles long, a half-mile or more wide and 700-feet or so wide (with another 18 miles of ore available) where the Penokee Hills now stand:
Tim Sullivan: 
We’re talking about digging a ditch, taking the iron ore, filling the ditch in. That’s as simple as what it is.
Tim Sullivan: 
In the business world, we say you have to have some top line growth. You need to get some revenue into the pot. And that’s what this will do in spades.
Then, immediately:

Mike Wiggins, Jr., chairman of the Bad River Band, whose lands and waters are downstream from the so-called ditch.
Michael Wiggins:
The Bad River people, this is our homeland, this is all we have. 
What do we stand for? Preservation of what we have left. 
You have to take a deep breath here for the sake of Wisconsin, for the sake of our tribes. 


Anonymous said...

Wisconsin public radio and tee-vee are just propaganda vehicles of a different type -- no real reporting, just the same "fair and balanced" lies.


It is a disgrace that day-in, day-out WPR and WPT prove that stripping collective bargaining for public workers is entirely appropriate when they don't even perform a meaningful service.

Must be nice to sit around on the public dime and pound out this tripe and then complain that one is an "underpaid" public service.

WE DON'T NEED TO FUND PROPAGANDA AT THE STATE OR FEDERAL LEVEL! We get plenty of it from multinational corporate interests.

Why does Wisconsin fund the same dichotomy of lies?

Max B said...

You guys just hate it when the real facts mess up your alternate reality.

I feel well-served by Wisconsin public radio and TV, National Public radio and public television and am happy to support their work with my public tax dollars and private contributions.

Your extreme language and all-caps ranting does not make for a reasoned argument or a credible source.