Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hat Tip To Wausau Daily Herald For Plant Closing, Voter ID Reporting

The paper had the story about the lifelong voter/elderly Village Board Trustee with paperwork problems who was unable to get a state ID under the "Papers, please" Voter ID bill.

And it had disclosed the fascinating news that a $250,000,000 New York hedge fund - - that's a mutual fund of sorts that looks for maximum profit for a small group of high rollers and is exempt from some government registration and rules - - had urged Wausau Paper Corp., as the firm's largest investor, to close a paper mill in the tiny Village of Brokaw.

At the cost of 450 jobs.

I'd cited these articles in blog posts, like this one, and wanted to give the Wausau Daily Herald a salute, and as I was drafting this posting Friday evening, the paper had two more stories about more job losses.

Those stories are in a separate posting. The Wausau Daily Herald is a great source of news about Central Wisconsin.

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