Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Milwaukee County Sheriff Is A Busy Bee

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke took on County Executive Chris Abele.

Went toe-to-toe with County Supervisors, and later proposed cutting the size of the County Board.

Wrote an op-ed.

Goes multi-media all over radio and TV.

He'll even pull you over if you flip him off - - something I don't suggest doing to any driver in these days of road rage and expanding concealed weapons' carrying - - though that behavior has been judged a matter of protected free speech.

Anyway, you have to wonder, given Clarke's penchant for publicity:

Is he running for something else?

Doubt it, though if he does, talk radio will have the story first.


Anonymous said...

while sheriff, he remains on a leave of absence from mpd. i wonder if he could be disciplined for insubordination for his comments about the chief.

James Rowen said...

I do not know if Clarke is on leave, or resigned.