Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Voter ID's Will Come By Mail From California - - A Convenient Delay

So you get yourself to the DMV and get the ID you now need to vote in Wisconsin - - but it doesn't come out of a machine on the spot for you to take with you.

Nope - - it will come in the return mail.

Within 10 days.

From California.

Instead you will be leaving with a paper receipt.

Anything to tamp down turnout.


Anonymous said...

now that doubts have been cast on the story that it was the original Cheetah from the Tarzan movies that just died at age 80, the republicans will be pushing for Chimp ID.

nonquixote said...

Supposedly with high-tech anti-counterfeiting measures as part of the printing process, believing if you will, as the WI Republicans apparently do, that every present and soon to be WI citizen of adult age, is hell bent on intentionally defrauding the state using a false identities.

Where the in world are the state Democratic Party officials in decrying this fiasco in the making?

Michael Farrey said...

I think it is time to have the justice department look into this.

If more people as them to look into stopping this voter disenfranchising effort perhaps we can send another message to those that are hijacking our democratic process

Jake formerly of the LP said...

There's also a money-funneling issue with selling off this service to a private company- particularly given that someone gave Alberta Darling a sheet of paper at a Joint Finance hearing one day to have her introduce this plan.

Reading that article encouraged me to head down to Hill Farms this week and renew before I had to wait. I had till September, but why screw around?