Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm Not A Tax Lawyer, But...

Is Gableman liable for state and federal income taxes on this gift?

Suppose he received free rent? Or the use of a vehicle?


Anonymous said...

Sure. Of course. Absolutely.

Because law firms always send out 1099s to clients informing them that the services they received under a contingency agreement where the contigent outcome didn't materialize.

Clearly Santa didn't bring common sense to the homes of little lefty girls and boys in Wisconsin this year.

James Rowen said...

Funny that you should mention the contingency agreement, since it has not been released, so far as I know.

And further correct me if need be, but did Gableman win his case? I thought the complaint at the commission is still pending.

Paul Trotter said...

Uh Anonymous- GABLEMAN WON- so he was required to pay up. Clearly Santa is very late in placing coals AKA subpoenas in the stockings of kids playing adult political games where rules must be followed.
Can't wait to see those 1099s from the Best law firm in Wisconsin.
Didn't that attorney just resign from Walker's judicial committee? Hmmm
Looks like plain old common ethics was denied of all those family value conservative children looking for the RIGHT rules to play by.
Tsk tsk - all the king's lawyers and all the king's justices couldn't put Scotty back together again.

Anonymous said...

Uhh, Paul. No, Gableman didn't win.

The court was hung.


Paul Trotter said...

I do see your point Mr. Anonymous 2 after reading an update on the story but explain this to me. If I commit an ethics violation as a private citizen while running for office, I can assume my government body for which I was elected for will cover the costs? Is that what GABLEMAN essentially was saying to Best or Best was saying to GABLEMAN?
Based on the balance of power in the SC , could Best assume that there would be no payment?
If that assumption is correct, the services were given free to GABLEMAN knowing darn well there would be no reinbursement.
I smell a fox guarding the hen house.
So why such a late announcement that BEST attorney fees are free to anyone now running for political office and wants to cheat.