Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gableman Takes An Even Harder Turn To The Right

Mike Gableman, conservative Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice and repeat lightning rod must love media attention, as this is how he is responding to new ethics claims:

Gableman has not responded to interview requests from the Journal Sentinel. He has retained Washington, D.C., attorney Viet Dinh, according to Michael Best. Dinh also has not responded to calls an email from the paper.

Dinh is a professor at Georgetown University Law Center who worked as the assistant attorney general for legal policy in President George W. Bush's administration. In that post, he helped develop the USA Patriot Act and worked on the selection and confirmation of judges.

Dinh sits on the board of News Corp. and has been assisting with that firm's investigation of a phone-hacking scandal at its British tabloids.
Very few people on the planet could get themselves mentioned in three paragraphs that include the names Viet Dinh, George W. Bush and News Corp (that would be Rupert Murdoch's company). 

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Anonymous said...

Sooo.... if this judge thing doesn't work out at least he's used the situation as an opportunity to ramp up his Networking.
Those up-beat, sun-shine-y Republicans! When life gives them lemons, they make lemonade. Then they sit on the veranda and call the slave-boys over to fan them with big feathers from newly-extinct species of exotic birds as they listen to the breeze in the trees and the distant but adorable sounds of poor children cleaning their toilets.