Friday, December 16, 2011

Interpreting Walker And Water

Interesting that Walker was told by the US Army Corps of Engineers three months ago not to make major changes to water-related permitting in Wisconsin - - risking broad delays and thus federal intervention in what should be local management - - and now the proposed mining bill he wants also threatens to bump up against the Great Lakes Compact, too.

Former DNR Secretary George Meyer had something say about this at the mining hearing Wednesday.

I'd said in March that that Walker wanted to precipitate a fight with the Obama administration and the EPA over the phosphorus rule and jurisdiction.

That way Walker could have his ideological, anti-big government scapegoat to blame for the state's poor job-creating record.

I'm more and more thinking that is a Walker goal, or an outcome he thinks politically he could benefit from.

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Polish interpreter said...

I wouldn't rely on government. Count on yourself!!!