Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Walker Admits He's A Pretender

He tells the gang at Fox and Friends that he blew up collective bargaining and set the entire state on fire politically because he thought it was how a small businessman would operate:

“I looked at it kind of like a small business owner. I said, ‘Here is a problem. Here is a solution. Now just go out there and fix it.’
Now stop right there to see three FUBARS on display:

* Walker was head of a large organization that spends more than $30 billion a year, has 5.6 million shareholders and square-mileage territory a lot larger and more complex than that of your average independent business.

No small business has a workforce, product inventory, fleet, mission, legal standing, history and role anything "like" a state. Wisconsin has the National Guard and military reserves, for good goodness' sake.

* And Walker has been a career politician and public employee most of his adult life. He has never been a small businessman and therefore should not be behaving like the business owner of his fantasies.

And he thinks he can create 10,000 new businesses in the state, when he knows nothing about running anything?

* As I've said before, this is Walker demonstrating the bad kind of transparency - - the kind that is talking-point driven, and which you can see right through - - especially when it's on the TeeVee.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention a small business owner has far more concern for his workers than Walker had for the workers in the state of Wisconsin. Running a small independent business actually makes the owner, at times and quite often, MORE responsive to the needs and situations of their workers. A small independent business owner takes into consideration more than just the bottom line: they take into consideration their workers and how the community might react to knowledge that he/she treats their workers poorly. A small independent business owner has a greater sense of community than Scott Walker has ever exhibited. A small independent business owner thinks about more than the bottom line.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Thank you anonymous, I had much the same thought. I had more for-profit sector job experience than Walker when I was 18.

Walker thinks like a CEO of a large multinational that got his position by kissing the right asses and saying the right things. The last thing he should be confused with is a small business owner that has to give a crap about his product, his employees, and his customers.