Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Evidence That It's Not Working For Walker

And for the state.


Reagan's Disciple said...

Not sure how one can say that it is not working. Was it also not working for Obama 10 months into his term?

At least Obama had 3 years to prove that his policies do not work.

I think your jumping the gun on Walker unless you were also criticizing Obama at this same point.

James Rowen said...

You say tomato, I say tomahtow, so stick to the subject.

nonquixote said...

At RD 6:01 PM,

And from your obviously and completely missing it, progressives HAVE been criticizing Obama from day one on many things. You didn't catch that on Faux News?

Many WI schools were still open this school year despite Walker's negative education handi-work, because of the tail-end of a too small, recent Obama jobs stimulus package whose funds will be spent this school year.

Too bad business is looking for educated workers, WI will soon no longer have them available, without the big change in who's running the state (into the ground).

Anonymous said...

Uh Reagan- lest you forget the 3 years recovering from 8 years of the Bush devastation and one year of persistent and suicidal obstructionism.

The pattern of conservatives in Wisconsin: Walker's failures are counterpointed with what they perceive as an Obama failure. Somehow that makes it ok for Walker's complete and utter failures?

THIS IS OUR WISCONSIN: Obama didn't fail in Wisconsin- Walker put his sociopathic tenticles into every aspect of Wisconsin life and created a polarized and economically devastated state.

jpk said...

Wisconsin's employment growth rate has trailed the overall US rate since July 2011.

In other words, WI has lost jobs since July, while the overall US employment totals have increased.

While I agree with the Walker administration that CES employment figures are not as reliable as QCEW, it is hard to ignore the trend above.

I'm guessing this is why the Walker administration has stopped saying that they need to get out from the shadow of Obama's national economy, and instead focus on the weaknesses in the CES data collection.

You simply cannot ignore this empirical evidence -- WI is doing worse than the overall US.