Monday, December 26, 2011

Walker Wins Award From New Magazine Edited By GOP Operative

Walker's getting this award would be like Charlie Sheen winning "Man of the Year" from


Anonymous said...

hmmm. I think you're showing your own alarmingly high levels of Couth here. Anyone running a site of that nature would be more likely to call it "" or, the word Uncouth is just soooo terribly Couth, dahling. I'd bet a lot of people don't even know what that means anymore. You'd have no credibility on the ol' inets with a name like that.
btw the 2011 Stinque awards (described as a Pantheon of Crystal Douchebags) is about due to come out I guess.
Last year's @
Scan down the list of those Award names and you'll see you have a long ways to go before you are finally free of your crippling dignity and professionalism.

and.. :( sad news re: Tamara Grigsby eh? probably didn't really need all the stress and gratuitous bullshit ladled out by SW in his soup kitchen

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily a valued recognition. To me it's like pass the hot potato.

Xxxxxx: what are you smokin? Good lord!