Friday, December 16, 2011

Recycling Electronics Is A Big Wisconsin Success

Materials from old computers and other electronic items had recently ended up in trash cans and garbage dumps.

Now these items must be recycled - - where they add add to the state economy, minimize landfill use and keep toxic waste out of the landscape and water table- - through E-Cycle Wisconsin.

Here's some great data from the program:

Wisconsin’s consumers, businesses and schools are taking advantage of the E-Cycling program to recycle their electronics.
During the second year of the program, Wisconsin’s registered collectors took in more than 35 million pounds of electronics waste, one of the highest rates among states with electronics recycling laws. Of the 35 million pounds, about 1.5 million came from schools.

A typical older desktop computer and a CRT monitor weigh approximately 60 pounds combined. The two components contain roughly:

    15 pounds of glass     14 pounds of plastic     12 pounds of iron     8 pounds of aluminum     4 pounds of copper     4 pounds of lead     1 pound of zinc

See the "media room" at this easy entry point for more information.

And a list of the program partners.

The DNR also has posted information, here.

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Mandy said...

Thanks for the great post, I am still shocked at how many people do not think to recycle their old and unused electronics and electronic scrap, when they could avoid throwing them away so easily and benefit both themselves and the environment by recycling or selling their electronic scrap. It is also worth looking into recycling companies that you can mail your electronic scrap to, and make the process hassle free.