Friday, December 16, 2011

Mike Gableman May Have Watched Cher One Too Many Times in "Mask"

So you ask yourself: how on earth could Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman, having already turned the Wisconsin bar and the Court upside down defending himself during a contentious ethics complaint, now find himself in the middle of another ethics issue for taking representation in the first ethics matter, for free - - from a major law firm also representing clients in five cases right now before the court, to boot.

There are only two explanations.

1. He gets up some mornings and forgets he is the Mike Gableman who is a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, and thinks he's one of these. I see two Michaels, a Merle, a Melvin, a Mike, a Miguel, a Michele, a Minnie and a Michelle there, with many more, from A-Z.

This can happen to anyone. After all, there's a James Rowen with an automobile racing team, but I try not to get us mixed up.

That takes us to the only other possible explanation:

2. Unintentional DVD mind control, perhaps via Netflix.

Gableman may have been channeling Cher's signature line in an apparently unforgettable role as Rusty, the tough, rough-spoken mom in Mask.

From the film:

[after an unpleasant visit from her parents, Rusty is about to take a lot of drugs]
Gar: [gets a beer from the fridge] If you get wasted off this crap, I'm not gonna sit here and babysit.
Rusty Dennis: [scoffles] You must be confusing me with someone who gives a shit.
Gar: Must be.

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Anonymous said...

it's just mentally exhausting to keep up with all this right wing corruption. do they expect us to throw our hands up and give up. Hell no -

Thanks James for all you do.