Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gableman About To Get Deserved Scrutiny

Mike Gableman - - the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce's favorite Supreme Court Justice, and with first-hand experience in ethics complaints - - is headed in that direction again.

This time for taking free legal representation from a firm arguing cases in which he voted, reports the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign:

WDC files formal request for ethics investigation of Supreme Court justice
This morning the Democracy Campaign filed a formal request with the state Judicial Commission to investigate apparent judicial misconduct by state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.

Along with the
announcement of today's action, a podcast was posted moments ago with more remarks about the alleged misconduct and WDC's request for an ethics probe.

The Democracy Campaign is evaluating the possibility of filing a complaint with the state Government Accountability Board, which is responsible for enforcing the state ethics code that public officials in Wisconsin must follow. The Judicial Commission is responsible for enforcement of the judicial ethics code that applies specifically to the state's judges.

The WMC has prepared a web list of its work to help win a more favorable court. You'll see they were busy in Gableman's campaign.

As for Gableman, I still believe he'll apply his Cher defense, from the film Mask:
"You must be confusing me with someone who gives a shit."

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nonquixote said...

Future News Flash:

Fitzgerald Bros propose legislation to eliminate, "liberal, activist," state Judicial Commission.