Friday, December 23, 2011

Memo To Scott Walker: Transparency Is Like Cholesterol

You've got the good - - HDL - - and the bad - - LDL.

Same with "transparency," in the political sense. Sometimes it's good - - like when a politician is open, honest, guileless - -  but sometimes there's too much irony to claim it.

Trust me, brother Walker: You do not want to be bragging to the Journal Sentinel in a year-end wrap-up about your "transparency" this way:

"I know the transparency I have and the integrity I bring to the position...” Walker said.
Not after your signature lack of transparency - - the hidden collective-bargaining "bomb" you dropped on voters and workers after the election, and the fib you have been telling about it - - took its toll statewide, with the vetting now has going national.

Not after waiting until the Friday afternoon before a long holiday weekend to drop a $120-million budget-cutting bomb today, either.

And certainly not after this manipulative and insincerely transparent ad of yours hit the airwaves, where "transparency" and "transparent" means "we see right through it, and you."

Walker's political cholesterol numbers and ratio are, well, transparent.

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