Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh, It's Friday, So The Old Walker Returns

While new Walker works the soup kitchen line, the real Walker will announce on a slow-news, pre-holiday Friday afternoon where he's wielding the budget ax again.

The guy is at war with himself.


A. Wag said...

Even if I'm homeless and hungry, I wouldn't accept a free meal from this guy, becoming part of his compassion backdrop. However, I'd love the chance to serve him something!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Tonette did the voice over. Really appalling that they show him serving a spoonful of mashed potatoes to folks who will no longer have BadgerCare, can't get an apartment without 3 months rent and can be fire for having a record.

James Rowen said...

This is the backfire ad of the election. People will see right through it and be disgusted with its multiple manipulations.

Paul Trotter said...

Indeed! This ad drips with hypocrisy. Shame on Walker for using his family and the Christmas season to promote his horrific political agenda.

Having Walker serving slices of cake would have been more appropriate. ( A symbol of his obliviousness to the poor).

Anonymous said...

Realizing I'm pushing ALL the wrong buttons for all the people who feel they are 100% certain they have TOTAL grasp of Ayn Rand's works without actually having read one, or even touched the cover of one, because you KNOW hearsay is ALWAYS enough...(I mean c'mon, the "new" Christians are NOT AT ALL distorting the "message of Christ" you know you can just eat information up just the way other people dish it out. NO personal inquiry necessary. THat would be wrong.
So - Ayn Rand yes, she hated parasites but in her novels WHO were the parasites? that's a good thing to look at. Howard Roarke, was he born with a silver Koch Spoon in his mouth? or maybe not. And how were the uppercrust born to the manner characers portrayed? hmmm? WHO had the talent, who were the Atlasses holding up society? But on to the point as it applies here-
Rand, had this concept about the underlying sadism of the types of condescending "charity" that is offered by Scott Walker here in this soup kitchen scenario. He is a perfect embodiment of that kind of pseudo-compassion that is not compassion at ALL but is in reality a love for seeing people have to beg you for spoonfuls of potatoes. It's getting off on the extreme imbalance of power, the "Please Sir, may I have another". And being random in your "charity", withholding and then giving, making sure they quiver at your footstep like you are a God.
I withhold funding to rape victims, now I just as randomly give it back. God giveth and God taketh away. Fear the Lord thy God.
It's sadism in the guise of compassion. AND they (the assholes on the top of the heap) have the added fun of being able to have a "cover story" since the official line is "It's charity and compassion". So you can go all Abu Ghraib on people in a psychological or financial or whatever sense and yet still collect accolades for your lofty morals and your wonderful kind self. Dr. Mengele gets the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian efforts and listen to the roar of the admiring crowd. It's sicker than sick.
I'm sorry but Rand hated that.
She gave the real definition of "compassionate conservative" but you can't hear that message if you accept those same Conservative's definition of what her ENTIRE message was. I mean, it's not like they might co-opt messages they don't like is it. Nooo. They're too dumb for that. *eyeroll*
Anyways, I'm sure no one is interested and I am as always "rambling in an unintelligble drunken manner" because I do not repeat what Keith Olbermann said so I must be an idiot. whateverrrrrrr..
But yeah, I found Scott Walker's choice of imagery here VERY very "telling". Aside from these newest round of cuts dished up in just the way to give UW people a ruined Holiday (sadist)because he is personally seeing to it (IMO) that his reign as demi-god (next stop - Uber-God) involves years of paying back the UW for his having his ass booted out of school, he's also personifying Rand's concept of the "charitable" sadist in a most eloquent manner. Hollywood could not have done better.
He is an amazing amazing specimen.

Anonymous said...

I bet the cloverleafs are not facing the axe. Nor that road expansion to Green Bay. The University of Wisconsin isn't important. But those 2 minutes saved on each trip to GB is vital.