Saturday, December 24, 2011

In Walker's Wisconsin, Can't You Hear Homer Simpson Saying, "Stupid Universities!"

Or, "Universities...Doughnuts?"

What choices!

Higher ed? Who needs it, right?

Walker hit the UW system with one round of budget cuts, now levies it with the brunt of $123 million in new budget cuts, and more are coming.

So in the state allegedly open for business (not so fast, wind turbine makers, railroad builders, et al), how do we square those cuts with the common knowledge expressed in a story like this:

Economists say higher education key to business development


Anonymous said...

The question is: how deep will he cut his own throat. Will it hit the jugular.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be misleading and imply I am some kind of Christmas Enthusiast, very much not. But it's logical to assume that you'll be celebrating SOME kind of Holiday, even if just a holiday from work or the normal routine.
Whatever it is that you do, I hope it's enjoyable for you and whatever rag-tag band of misfits you associate with.
If you read The Chief, you may know I am a Drooling Devotee of his. I do not deny. However, at this (allegedly) Glad Time, I feel compelled to grudgingly admit that with regards to yourself, increasing familiarity has lessened my contempt
Happy Holidays, and thanks for the relentless effort to provide me with reading material

James Rowen said...

@xxxxxxxxxx- - Thanks for the note and for sticking with it. Take the rest of the weekend off.

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyz said...

To XXXXXXXXXX: I agree. The more your read Mr. Rowen's blog, the more you just love the guy for his incredibly unrelenting exposé blog of our temporary and seriously sociopathic governor.

Anonymous said...

I hope the UW and all the pundits question the Guv's numbers. Walker has a history of concocting numbers he likes, whether accurate or not. "Broke?" not so much. "Budget lapse?" Who really knows?

Walker's supporters continue to claim that he balanced the budget in Wisconsin. If so, why the lapses?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Ever see the movie Idiocracy? If you have, then you know the goal.

Dumb it all down, make intelligent, independent thought and analysis fall out of favor, sell off the research to campaign contributors, and control the media.

Now does WisGOP screwing over the UW System make more sense to you?