Monday, December 26, 2011

Check Back Here Tuesday For More Walker Statistics

Good-bye Blue Monday, hello Data Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

When can I check for Barrett statistics?

I can't wait to see what us utopians have been able to prove under Barrett.

James Rowen said...

The subject is Walker,

And why are we so concerned about Barrett??

Anonymous said...

omg it's obvious!
Of course Anonymous up there is concerned about Barrett..MAJEL Barrett not TOM Barrett you Big Silly Blogging Man!
Because of the Data Tuesday thing.
You know - if it's Data Tuesday, then it must be Ferengi Friday, Trill Thursday, Worf Wednesday, Saavik Saturday, and Seven of Nine Sunday. So by having Monday be Blue, it fucks up the whole week.
So your astute reader is merely pointing out that it SHOULD have been Majel Monday!!! You gotta quick screwing up like that. srsly.