Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Somebody Must Be Facing A Statewide Recall Election, Chapter 5: Seniors And Their Voting Families

[12/29 Update: the initial reports upon which this posting was based were false, because Walker was ordered two weeks earlier by the feds to restore the health care program in question to enrollment levels that were in place prior to Walker's having capped them. It was not a Walker expansion. It was an Obama-administration ordered restoration, and Walker hoodwinked the public and groups he used as props to support his fake announcement.

Details here.

This experience makes it even more important to carefully examine what Walker says.]

Walker spots a constituency that he thinks votes more regularly than urban families.

And he can play Good Guy to designated penny-pincher Robin Vos, co-chair with Alberta Darling of Joint Finance. It's the Cynics' Win-Win.

This fast-expanding series began about a week ago, when a more smiley-face Walker began showing up. You can find the others, or add your own in comments.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Turns out the decision wasn't Walker's but instead came from the Feds and SCOTTY LIED AGAIN.

Seriously, how dumb are you that you bungle this move that badly, both in PR terms (holding a presser when you know the truth will come out), and in such a clearly cynical way. This could be the final nail.

Paul Trotter said...

So the good guy bad guy is really quite bad now for lying through his teeth.

This is indeed the political sociopath truly revealing the shallowness of his internal moral code of ethics.

He needs to explain his deception.