Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wisconsin Gazette Offers In-Depth Look At Wind Power Issue

Louis Weisberg does a comprehensive job with the politics and potential of wind power - - in contrast to our Governor.

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nonquixote said...

As I don't and won't facebook, reading the linked article, and the comments, I will remark that I never heard a of professional consultant (especially one whose latest endeavor is consulting about travel and tourism) speaking about anything without being paid to do it.

It is about time government figured out that subsidizing solar and wind is a better bet, despite "behemoth," towers and some unsightly blade flicker instead of oil, coal, tar sand sludge, fracking, corn ethanol production and nuclear power.

Presently hugely profitable oil companies have forever recieved subsidies and drilling leases for pennies. Absolutely no consequences or costs for the Gulf coast residents from that recent oil spill? Absolutely no negative affects from coal mining that the public already has and will continue to pay to remedy? No costs coming for the general public for eventually shutting those aging nuclear facilities down and then what, dump the nuclear waste into northern WI granite formations? No further regulatory and maintenance costs or government subsidies predicted there, I suppose?

But watch out for those unsightly towers and that terrifying blade flicker when you are looking for a breath of fresh air and a sip of clean water, Mr Heuer. Thanks for your input, though.

For what it is worth, Mr Heuer, I'll just drop your opinion in a sack and stuff it along with your obvious right-wing political whining and blatant self-interest in your Kewaunee property. Unfortunately I can't recycle your wasted words anywhere.