Thursday, December 22, 2011

Somebody Must Be Facing A Statewide Recall Election

Were running a new series, "Somebody Must Be Facing A Statewide Recall Election."

This was Chapter 1:

Somebody Must Be Facing A Statewide Recall Election

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Walker won't delete funding for rape victims' services.
Here's Chapter 2:

Walker says state might not cut 53,000 adults from Medicaid by year's end

 Send in your guesses for Chapter 3.


tomkraj said...

Governor Walker and family appear in ad volunteering at a soup kitchen and urge Wisconsinites to set aside our differences in the spirit of the season.

That was easy.

Anonymous said...

This could be another chapter

James Rowen said...

Call me when someone see's "Walker endorses Amtrak, wind farms, collective bargaining..."

James Rowen said...

#tomkraj - - You win. For tomorrow.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

We need to be all over this, because it's obvious that Walker and his minions have seen that people can't stand him, and that he'd get destroyed if the election was today. So they're trying this "nice guy" routine because they apparently think the average voter is as dumb as the average Charles Sykes listener.

Too bad for him that we're not. Past is prologue, and we must remind people what a scummy snake this guy is. If we play our cards right, moves like this will backfire, because it'll show just disingenuous this douche is.

Paul Trotter said...

Dennis Smith is the bad guy - Walker in his finite wisdom suddenly becomes the good guy- the political sociopath who uses the soup kitchens and poor to advance his political agenda.

Oh did I mention homemade cookies delivered to right wing talk show hosts.

" Blessings from our family ( Walker's ) to yours."

Paul Trotter said...

tomkraj: easy for you- extremely painful for the political sociopath to feed and talk to the poor ( though he did have a barrier). Was it a real soup kitchen? Where was it?
Once a year political soup kitchen duty does not make for a sincere advocate for the less fortunate. I would bet that if God ever kept a batting for the poor average on Walker he'd be way under 100 and certainly a bush league player soon to be sent home.

Strike 3!

Reagan's Disciple said...

Remember that sometimes when you only interact with people of your own beliefs/party you can become a victim of group think.

I still believe a majority will support Walker in any upcoming election. I don't think he will get quite the same percentage, but he still manages to win.

More importantly, the democrats still need to find an opponent that will get their base excited and be qualified in order to garner support from the middle of the road groups.

Most independents are not vehemently opposed to Walker as are many on the far left / unions. If their choice is to choose between Walker and someone like Tim Cullen, Walker wins easily.

Even with a qualified candidate running against him, Walker still will posses 48-49% support at minimum.

As much as people on the left want to believe, the demographics of the original election have not changed much. People voted for Walker and will support him again. (In part because of the behavior associated with the protestors)

The best bet for the democrats instead of believing that people have actually changed their mind (which 99% have not) is to simply try and get more of their side to turn out at the polls.

James Rowen said...

52% doesn't leave a lot of room for slippage.

Reagan's Disciple said...

No it doesn't, but 52% was also 125,000 more votes than Barrett. Did that many people change their mind, or is their groupthink by the left?

Again, who are the democrats going to run? Cullen, who is that? Falk, Madison liberal will never win statewide. Feingold, said he isn't running but probably the best shot at beating him. Barrett, he won't even commit to signing a recall petition because he knows he needs the tools that Walker and the legislature gave him.

Does that really leave only Miles Kristan and Segway boy as viable candidates and the face of the party?

The democrats desperately need someone who can connect with the moderates. They will not win with a candidate that appeals to their own far left.

If they can't do that, Walker will win again. Again, their best bet is to get a candidate that people will vote for and not rely on winning by people voting against Walker.

Plus, the more time that passes people will see the positive effects that have already started such as lower taxes, state not in the red, CCW, no kids are sitting on classroom floors etc...

Much of this is in exchange for public employees pitching in a small sum for their own their own healthcare and pensions.

Walker found a way for public employees to keep their jobs and taxes went down. Looks like a win-win to me.

James Rowen said...

You must have a very liberal employer who lets you write so much on the clock.

Paul Trotter said...

Reagan: I often chat via email ( it allows for more open discourse :) ) with conservative right wing / Teaparty relatives and quite often their only retort to Walker's atrocities is to point out one of Obama's perceived failures. Their debate for Walker's sake just doesn't hold water. There are no excuses for him.
Also keep in mind that some 37 percent of Union members voted for Walker. Do ya think they may have changed their minds? Even the Monona Grove teacher may come from the dark side and see the realities of Walker's polarizing and vicious attacks on Wisconsin workers. Do ya think he might have consulted with his superintendent before spewing lies about Walker's tools working? Given the massive cuts facing his district the following year will he be looking over his shoulder for that shadow lurking outside his classroom door waiting for the best time to terminate his teaching job because of Walker's cuts and his no seniority status? I suspect when the Dems have vetted the best candidate to run against Walker and announce this candidate, there will be no doubt as to who our next governor will be and Walker will soon start his search for a new job. Waukesha will not save this governor Reagan nor the millions coming in from out of stare special interests. What was the last poll: 58% of those polled wanted him recalled? Now Reagan- that would appear to be greater than your cherished 52% margin. Keep up the good fight Reagan and do let us know if you ever take a trip on the wild side and join the progressives and radical liberals :).
It's nice to on vacation and free to comment to my hearts content.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Here are the choices for my employment:

1> The Koch Brothers

2> A Very Slow Day at the office. Nobody is buying fruitcakes?

3> A Day Off

4> Walker Campaign Aide - on state time.

5> I'm shopping at a gun store and it is busy so I'm passing time using their free wi-fi.

6> I'm a teacher and always have plenty of free time. (Actually, this is my wife's situation)

I'm sure most will guess 4, but James has most likely already checked the IP address on that one.


In the spirit of my compassionate conservative side I say the following with all sincerity.

Despite our political differences, thank you for your blog. It is informative and a place I visit almost daily for news. That is a testament to your hard work and the dedication you put forth towards the issues and politics you support.

I wish I had the time and the ability to write as eloquently as you do. Maybe someday, but doubtful... as English/grammar was never a strong subject of mine.

Take care and Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all of your readers and your family.

and actually today is a day off for me, but I am headed to the gun store to finish up the shopping... (Cabelas)

James Rowen said...

Thanks for the note. By the way, I've never checked an IP address. It wouldn't occur to me, and besides, Google does not supply email addresses or contact information with comments.

Boxer said...

Reagan's Disciple:
No, really, all of us union thugs, teacher-terrorists, money-sucking public employees and limp-wristed liberals thank you for the gift of your political wisdom. We appreciate you taking the time away from your busy holiday schedule to shine the light of Christmas on our misguided attempts. We believe everything you say, despite 'street' evidence to the contrary. Please, keep on believing as you do. Santa Reagan will rise in the East to deliver Christmas pumpkins to all of the good little conservative girls and boys. Everyone else will just go away and not even press their noses to your windows. Really. Happy Christmas.

Reagan's Disciple said...


Nice display of your Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas.

Boxer said...

Reagan's Dittohead:

My Christmas spirit is just fine, thank you. But you might check your own as you have a bad habit of making snarky remarks and then hiding behind them with a "how's that for Christmas spirit?" or "why are you so angry?" or some other comment that diverts attention from the illogic of your argument or its underlying callousness.

My goal for the New Year, which I'm happy to be implementing early, is to not let Right Wing Reactionaries such as yourself get away with misstatements and truthinesses in 2012.

PS: You might check with your wife to ask if she feels she has a lot of "free time". If she's a part-time educator, well, then, there's the reason for all of the "free time." If she's not a part-timer, then she works the same 40-hour week that everyone else does, and probably puts in extra time grading papers, meeting with parents, making lesson plans, and advising extra-curriculars that so many of our educators do, depending on the grade level taught. So I imagine her "free time" isn't so much free as spent keeping up your house, feeding you, raising your children, being the social planner and caregiver, and in general, making your life more comfortable.

PS: With her health care benefits and job stability, you can go ahead and enjoy yourself a smug little Christmas!