Friday, December 30, 2011

Waukesha Could Be The New Capital Of Fitzwalkerstan

Most people don't know that the Governor of Wisconsin has an office in downtown Milwaukee, but I doubt that Scott Walker has spent much time there.

It's within sight of the Milwaukee County Courthouse, where Supervisors and unions and other assorted Democrats and - - gasp! - - regular urbanites - - apparently made Walker's life as County Executive so darn miserable.

So don't be surprised if Walker moves that office to the State Office Building in downtown Waukesha, instead.

Clearly, the Walker crowd prefers Waukesha County, where the County Clerk - - remember her? - - and now the courts function as a sort of Republican political paradise or Alice's Restaurant - - you know, where you can get anything you want.

Maybe they could literally move the State Capitol to Waukesha. That would save the Pabst Farms development, justify the Lake Michigan diversion and speed up highway expansion, too.

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