Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fifth Straight Month Of Job Losses In Wisconsin; Walker's Jobs' Guy Attacks The Numbers

A poor showing, again, but this time made worse by spin.

You can almost hear the Governor's office telling the Department of Workforce Development - - 'Do something. Say something. Anything.'

No wonder a Federal Reserve System bank has rated Wisconsin's economy dead last among the states.

Non-partisan data show it, and Walker has not helped with his mandated public sector spending cuts rippling through to the local level that take money out of the economy, his voluntary forfeiture of $810 million in Amtrak construction, and his blocking $600 million in wind turbine projects.

The state is essentially closed to big, creative ideas, new technologies and support for another basic - - public education.


Anonymous said...

Anyone want to bet what Newson and King Scottie would be saying about the quality of data if the jobs numbers were positive?

RD said...

I hear there are 750+ jobs coming to the northwoods for a new mining operation.... errr.. oh wait, that's right, people are opposed to those jobs.

I wonder if they would be opposed if it were a government owned mine with public union workers?