Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Madrid Trades Highway For A Park

Awesome. The NY Times story mentions the Park East tear down in Milwaukee, and this paragraph is the heart of the story:

All around the world, highways are being torn down and waterfronts reclaimed; decades of thinking about cars and cities reversed; new public spaces created. 
So give former Milwaukee Mayor and Park East tear down prime mover John Norquist props for the campaign and for being ahead of the times/Times.

The paper notes Milwaukee's place in the anti-freeway movement, and offers a website link to the area's ongoing re-development:
In Milwaukee, the destruction of the Park East freeway spur has liberated acres of downtown for parks and neighborhood development.


Anonymous said...

I'd be very happy with some progress. I heard that we'd have announcements by now on the possible Kohls Corp. project at Park East, but, we'll see. I should try not to get too excited about potential projects before deals are signed to make them happen.

James Rowen said...

Before you got there, Jason, the County did little with its share of the land - - which is most of the acreage, regrettably. That tells you something about Walker and his true interests.