Saturday, December 31, 2011

After Which, Without Unacknowledged Irony, There Was Christmas Music

This is in reference to the remarks yesterday afternoon by vacationing Belling show fill-in host Kevin Fischer that we don't need any more education and newspaper stories about the risks of parents co-sleeping with children.

What we need is the parents of children who die to be charged criminally and punished severely.

That's the Milwaukee talk radio environment for you.

A wee bit of context, here and here.


Paul Trotter said...

Ah - Kevin Fischer the former state aide to fruitcake Sen. Mary Lazich and the one who introduced us to a " new term in our language of reason and tolerance" : MATZO SKINNED LEFTIES - apparently a synonym according to FISCHER for THIN SKINNED LEFTIES. BUT THAT WAS 2009.
Or when he called nurses who obeyed DNR orders part of the KEVORKAN FAN CLUB.
KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN: When will you learn that ignorance continues in prisons. Nor does it disappear with threats of incarceration.

Better get Walker in there to talk with you for an hour. He could use some of your in-kind support.

James Rowen said...

He scrubbed that posting about the thin-skinned liberals quote. Perhaps to conform with the social media guidelines at his new state job, communications director for WHEDA.

I think he got rid of his quote about the DNR being the Nazi wing of state government, too. I have posted these matters elsewhere on this blog.

James Rowen said...

@Paul - - See context added.