Friday, December 9, 2011

On Top Of Paper Mill Shutdown, Marathon County Slammed Again

More bad news for Marathon County:

Wausau Paper Corp. devasted the tiny Village of Brokaw this week with news that the paper mill there will shut down - - and the Wausau Daily Herald is pegging the job loss at 1,100 - - 450 jobs at the plant and another 650 as collateral damage elsewhere.

Unbelievably, a business making doors and windows said today it is closing in Mosinee - - where Wausau Paper is headquartered - - and the job impact, without the indirect effect, is put at 566.

Is Central Wisconsin open for business?

Nope: businesses are closing.


Anonymous said...

Next step is to blame dnr

Anonymous said...

West Central Wisconsin has been working hard to get our economy moving. We have made great strides with no help from our state government. they will surely show up for the photo op though.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll blame the unions.

American Greed!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And even scarier for the Walker people, Central Wisconsin was tricked into giving him huge margins in 2010.

Marathon County
Walker 57.6%
Barrett 40.5%

Wood County (Rapids, Marshfield)
Walker 55.4%
Barrett 42.6%

In 2008, Marathon County was Obama 54-45 and Wood County was Obama 56-42. So if things are even put halfway between 2010 and 2008, Walker loses 7% of the vote or so.

Walker losing 7% of the vote statewide means he loses 53-45...or a bigger loss than his 2010 "mandate". And now you know why the Walker folks are in BIG trouble.

Central Wisconsin and other outlying areas took a chance on this guy without knowing what he was really about, they're paying the price for it, and Walker will be "repaid" for that in the recall election.