Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wisconsin Leads In Lost Jobs, Lost Dignity

Wisconsin leads the nation in lost jobs. We're on a five-month losing streak.

But there's another reason for a collective cringe:

Still, the governor is taking this opportunity to try to refurbish his image, using his ads to project a tone of warmth and togetherness after the searing conflict of 2011. A new spot launched Wednesday shows Walker and his family wearing aprons at a food bank, serving the needy.

“In this season of peace, our hope is that we can put our differences aside, and move forward together,” Walker’s wife Tonette says, sitting by her husband’s side in an unusual holiday-themed election spot.


Anonymous said...

Walker supporters have been subjecting petition gatherers to violent harassment all over the state, and Walker has said absolutely nothing about it, and he has the nerve to ask us to "put our differences aside"?

Walker, if you want to get all Christmas-syrupy, CALL OFF YOUR GOONS.

Raven said...

But look at the surly expressions on the Walker sons' faces! They clearly are not enjoying this enforced experience....

Max B said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for pointing this out. On a recent Saturday afternoon collecting recall signatures, we were flipped off, called 'f**ing bitches', told to get a life, and given the 'thumbs down' sign by drivers who needed only not to stop and not to sign the completely voluntary recall petitions in order to express their opinions.

Yet, the many people who were out there all afternoon collecting signatures were not phased a bit. Cars continued to pull up--VOLUNTARILY!--with both drivers wanting to sign the petition, or in some cases, one person had already signed. Many drivers beeped or thumbed their support, and one rolled down his window to thank us for being out in the cold to collect signatures. And everyone who signed thanked us as well. The Christmas spirit was alive and well on the sidewalk and in the cars that day, with the notable exception of Walker supporters, who apparently are threatened by a clipboard with paper on it. One expressed his displeasure with the recall effort with his young son sitting beside him -- nice, man!