Friday, December 16, 2011

Walker, Sykes Work Hard To Explain Away Loss Of Work Statewide

AM 620 WTMJ rightly talk show host Charlie Sykes gave the Governor nearly a half hour this morning, and said they'd talk again next week - - a pattern of free, pre-recall air time, perhaps?

Saddled with a fifth-straight month of net job loss numbers, Walker spun it this way:

*  Former Gov. Jim Doyle's numbers in the previous year had been worse.

* The European economy is bad.

* Overall, the unemployment rate in Wisconsin has fallen.

The first two points are simple political evasion of responsibility. If you want to point a figure backwards to Doyle, then Republicans cannot attack Pres. Obama for the state of the national economy - - though job creation nationally is slowly occurring - - because Obama inherited a collapse from Pres. Bush.

The matter of net job losses vs. the unemployment rate is where the spin gets heavy, because when discouraged workers simply stop looking, or go off the unemployment compensation roles, or work a part-time job they are no longer counted among the unemployed.

Net gain or loss figures are a better indicator of the health of the workforce, as is the pattern, and on those scores, Wisconsin and Walker are on a five-month losing streak.

Sykes and Walker did their best to paper over what is usually bad news for an elected executive - - mounting jobs losses on the eve of an election.


Anonymous said...

Hi guy.
Long time no Troll

Yesterday on "spitball" w/ Chris Matthews he had on a Dem strategist and a Rep strategist. They both seems intelligent and acted civil, making many of the same points and actually agreeing most of the time. If it wasn't for that element of novelty I probably would not have watched Chris Spit and sputter long enough to see what I'm about to relate. They had been discussing Rove's "big map", plan to take America back. Chris found it jejune, the boys said it was basic, yes, but to be expected in an "it's the EconomyStupid" election cycle. Then the Rep dude let something slip out which was kinda cool, and (my imagination? i think not...) he said it with a wee smile.
He said that the vitally important swing states (like us) are all having continued problems with high unemployment, lagging notably behind other states, not "recovering" from the "Obama Economy". The implication being that plays nicely into the Rove plan. It's hard not to find that "convenient"...yeah, a little TOO convenient.

Given what we've seen of Walker's willingness to prove his loyalty to the powerful peeplz OUTSIDE Wisconsin, I feel it's logical that he'd be quite willing to LOOK LIKE he has egg on his face and is a failure in the short run, if it would advance both The Larger Cause and his career in the long run.
Do I have any idea how people cold "conspire" to keep unemployment artificially low in a particular state? No. As a Junior Conspiracy Theorist I'm just not that into the details. But whatever the CAUSES of Wi unemployment figures, the Rep strategist was obviously hoping the fine folks of WI would blame OBAMA rather than Walker. And Walker is probably just fine with mixing up a nice bag full of steaming crap and laying it at Obama's door. I find his laid back demeanor a bit odd for a leader who would otherwise appear to be failing by normal standards. People (IMO) tend to set their focus in the waaay too short run these days. Walker may (I think not) be one of those. I don't think our employment stats embarrass him too much.
IMO the man keeps his eyes on a distant prize.

Anonymous said...

Lol they "seemed" intelligent etc etc.
Hurr. THEY did...I don't. ;)

RD said...

I see some conflation here James. Walker has not been in office a year, while Obama has been in office for almost 3.

Let's revisit this topic when Walker has been there for at least another year or two, with hopefully a POTUS who supports the private sector instead of one who seems to despise it.

...and to those hecklers who say... "Walker won't be here in another year," please start stocking up on your Tim Cullen yard signs. If you can't find them here in WI, try looking in Illinois.