Tuesday, April 3, 2018

WI DNR adds 2 more waterways to state's impaired list

I'd earlier posted information about the skyrocketing number of Wisconsin waterways, principally due to phosphorous pollution because the state has relaxed its phosphorous discharge rules

that the state had reported, as required, to the US EPA in a biennial filing.

Regrettably, the final impaired list shows no additional waterways removed from the list, a new increase of two as explained below in the yellow indicating how the DNR's webpage has changed.

Wisconsin’s 2018 impaired waters list

Every two years, Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act requires states to publish a list of all waters that are not meeting water quality standards. In the proposed 2018 list update, DNR proposes to add 242 240 new waterbody water segments. A majority of the listing additions were waters that exceed total phosphorus criteria. Thirty-five waterbodies are proposed to be delisted. A 30-day public comment period was held started on November152017 through and has been extended to January 8, 2018. The final documents are listed below and some of the information found Comments can be viewed on emailed to the DNR at DNRImpairedWaters@wisconsin.gov or sent by U.Smail to Ashley BeranekDNRWater Evaluation Section (WY/3), Box 7921MadisonWI 53707 Comments emailedpostmarkedor received by January 82018 Water QualityReportwill be considered before submitting the final draft list to  Congress webpagethe U.SEnvironmental Protection Agency for approval

Final2018impairedwaterslistmaterialsPublic Comment Materials 



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