Thursday, July 13, 2017

Walker, WI GOP botch fixing roads, jobs, fecal water pollution

It's hard to tell whether Donald Trump or Scott Walker has gotten less done this year.

*  Our right-wing GOP WI Governor, though finally paying off his failed Presidential campaign debt, is still tens of thousands of jobs short of and years behind fulfilling his repeated promises since 2010 to create 250,000 new private sector jobs in four years, data show.

*  And the state has ranked dead-last two years running in business startup activity.

*  Walker can't get his own unsustainable transportation budget bloated by overspending on too many big projects - - 
while simultaneously short-changing pothole repairs and transit services to fill ill out an ugly trifecta, if you will - - agreed upon by a Legislature the GOP overwhelmingly controls.

Why the inaction?

Because he and a pair of equally dysfunctional legislative chamber leaders are each behaving like the ER room patient with failing vital signs who's trying to sell the staff on the benefits of a continuing diet of cigarettes, Big Macs, cream puffs and Manhattan chasers.

*  No wonder the condition of state roads has hit second-worst among all 50 states.

* And Walker's hand-picked 'chamber of commerce mentality' WI DNR Secretary has not managed to get a single bottle of water provided to anyone under a program the agency said it had set up two months ago to distribute bottled water to people like those in Kewaunee County whose wells are contaminated with feedlot manure runoff, I disclosed yesterday.

Though 60% of Kewaunee wells sampled showed fecal contamination.

This is a 2018 re-election platform?

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my5cents said...

Walker has destroyed all that ever made Wisconsin great just as Trump is destroying all that makes America Great. The Republican party has become a self-serving entity with no regard for anyone or anything else. They no longer actually govern. They have no clue what to do anymore.