Saturday, July 29, 2017

Greenlight for Foxconn in WI AG's Tweet, rhetoric

Brad Schimel, Wisconsin's far-right GOP Attorney General has lined his office up with corporate agendas, enabled through a pro-business opinion the privatization of state groundwater, treated polluters with kid gloves, and allied himself with friend-of-polluters Scott Pruitt, Trump's anti-environmental administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

So it's not surprising that he quickly threw his political support using far-right rhetoric for Scott Walker's already-propagandized Foxconn plan (see hyped data, absent any accurate Foxconn history, below) that will eliminate clean air and water protections in Wisconsin law which Schimel is supposed to uphold.

Anyone doubt what sort of opinion Schimel would issue about whether Walker's plan is legal, let alone constitutional?

Don't expect to see 'let's review the facts, and look at the law.'

From Schimel's campaign committee website two days ago:
  Jul 27
Workers succeed and the economy thrives when we value individual freedom and opportunity above over-regulation and big government.


Where's the ethics? said...

From the campaign website of Attorney General Brad "Flint" Schimel?

Anonymous said...

Schimel will be distributing a new set of KAED commemorative coins. On these, the K stands for "kissing."

Anonymous said...

Average Fox/Con line jobs pay $9.22 an hour, check out